What is Rockar Refresh?

Done in Just 3 Steps

You've been selected to participate in this trial of Rockar Refresh, where we just need your registration number, name and email address. That's it! In the future, you'll be automatically enrolled and receive timely reminders and prices.

Exclusive Refresh Offers

We appreciate each one of our customers, so Rockar Refresh is our way of showing it. We'll let you know the best possible time to upgrade your car and promise to be completely transparent on timing, price and everything in between.

Your New Land Rover Sooner

There's a sweet spot in your car ownership where you can trade in your current car and get the best possible price on a new one. With Rockar Refresh, you can get started with the swap without lifting a finger. 

Apply for Rockar Refresh

Using just your Registration Number, Name and Email address, we can put together a fantastic price on your new Land Rover.

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