Part exchange your car online with Rockar, and get total peace of mind that we won't surprise you on the day. Read some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.


Part Exchange Online with Rockar

Where can I PART EXCHANGE my car online?

Right here! You can value your Part exchange online with Rockar.

How do I value my PART EXCHANGE on the Rockar website?

Simply enter the budget for your new car, once you hit next step, you will see our Part exchange form. By simply entering your registration number, mileage, and condition we'll give you an instant valuation. No personal contact details in sight!

How long will it take me to value my part exchange?

We did a little test and found that our customers can get a price for their current car in less than a minute. It’s the best way to find out your part exchange car value!

When do I hand over my part exchange?

Once you’ve ordered your new vehicle, you can choose a delivery or collection date. Your part exchange vehicle will be handed over on this same date whilst your new car handover takes place. We like to keep things as simple as possible for you!

Will I really get the online value amount?

Honesty is the best policy. We'll give you a part exchange guarantee on the information you provide and honour the price on inspection, its car buying without the haggle! You can even view your vehicles valuations for the next 20 weeks. So if you're not ready to buy just yet, you can see your future valuations.

Why should I part exchange my car?

Most people prefer to part exchange their vehicle rather selling privately. It’s quicker, simpler and fuss free! A bit like our buying online platform.

Can you part exchange a car on PCP?

Of course. If you are in positive equity, then the process is simple. When we provide a valuation for your car, they will be space for you to confirm the outstanding balance too. The difference will then be added to your deposit making your payments cheaper - happy days! If your car is in negative equity then you can still part exchange it, it's probably best to get in touch with one of our 5* Enquiry Team to discuss your options.

Can I part exchange my car during lockdown?

There’s never been a better time to Part Exchange your car. With a national shortage of used vehicles due to pandemic, now is the time to swap yours. Not only will we give you a great price on your old car, but we’ll give you a great price on your new one too!

Where can I part exchange my car near me?

Part exchanging with Rockar means you don’t need to worry about heading to your local dealership to value your current vehicle. You can part exchange online, when you buy your new vehicle, and have it collected when your new one arrives. This means you’ll never be stuck without a car and it ensures a smooth part exchange journey!

Can I part exchange my car for a cheaper one?

Absolutely! If your current vehicle is worth more than the one you want to buy, then we'll give you the difference back as a bank transfer.

How much is my car worth for part exchange?

Find out in less than a minute! You can get started here.

Can you sell a car without a logbook or V5?

Unfortunately not, however if you've lost or damaged the logbook for your vehicle then you'll need to apply for a new one using the V62 form provided by the DVLA. We will require this to be able to take the vehicle as part exchange. We can help you with this process so don't worry!

What do I do when selling a car?

You can part exchange and purchase your new vehicle is three easy steps! Pick a flexible payment plan that suits you. You can edit this at any point throughout your online car buying journey. Then you will see our part exchange tool. All we need is your registration, mileage, and condition of your vehicle. Our platform does the rest! Then use the value of your old car to get yourself a shiny new one! All from the comfort of home. And we’ll collect your old vehicle when we drop your shiny new one (did we mention, with Free UK Home Delivery and full tank of fuel!)

What is part exchange?

As opposed to selling your vehicle outright, part exchanging is a way of upgrading your old vehicle and using the value to get a new one!

How does part exchange work?

You can value your part exchange vehicle in less than 30 seconds with our online part exchange tool! And if you part exchange with Rockar, we’ll collect your old vehicle from your drive when we drop off your shiny new one!

How does part exchange work?

You can value your part exchange vehicle in less than 30 seconds with our online part exchange tool! And if you part exchange with Rockar, we’ll collect your old vehicle from your drive when we drop off your shiny new one!

How much will my car be worth in 20 weeks?

Our part exchange tool also gives you an accurate figure value for your current car based on the next 20 weeks. Meaning your current car is worth now, then it will be later and with new stock levels dropping now feels like the perfect time for change!

How can I get the best price for my car?

By part exchanging with Rockar! We will give you the best price on your old car and your new one too. Honesty is the best policy. As long as you are honest with us, we’ll be honest with you! Tell us how it really is, and we will do the rest!

How much is my car worth as part exchange?

You can value your part exchange online with Rockar! And, unlike other car valuations tools, 9 out of 10 valuations provided based on customers honesty are accepted at handover – without the need to haggle! Get started today.


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