Range Rover Velar Vs Range Rover Evoque

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Land Rover is renowned for its reputable, luxury vehicles, especially with Range Rover. That’s precisely why deciding between the Range Rover Velar vs the Range Rover Evoque is a particularly difficult decision. Each of these incredible vehicles oozes luxury, performance and provides a generally exceptional driving experience. Both from the brand with the richest heritage in the UK, they can easily hold their own in the SUV/4x4 vehicle market.


When looking at a deeper level, the comparison between the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Evoque generally comes down to four main areas: size, engine, price and variety. Of course, the decision widely comes down to what matters most to you as a driver, but these are the aspects that are often at the forefront of the decision making process.



Land Rover Defender 130 Model

Arguably the biggest difference between the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Evoque is the size of the vehicles. While they are both 5 door models, they do have a vast difference in length and space internally in particular.


More specifically, the Range Rover Velar is around 430mm longer than its Range Rover Evoque counterpart, as well as being 50mm wider and 25mm taller. That’s quite a big difference, especially when it comes to parking and driving around town or driving off-road.


That is on top of the differences in storage space, which really adds up. With the seats down, while the Range Rover Evoque still boasts almost 1450 litres of space, the Range Rover Velar offers drivers a staggering 1695 litres instead. While either is going to be more than adequate for luggage carrying and food shopping, that extra 245L of space can make a big difference in the long term if you need it.


Range Rover Velar charging through PHEV system

Looking at the engine options of the Range Rover Velar vs the Range Rover Evoque, again, things are difficult to compare more than the obvious choice difference. All of the engine options are named after their fuel type, and brake horsepower (bhp) making things easy to compare when looking for fuel economy and performance.


To put this into context, the Range Rover Evoque offers drivers 6 different engine options, with just the one engine on the standard Range Rover Evoque model. The D165 is the only engine now available for the standard Range Rover Evoque as of 2022, and the D200 only comes into play for the R-Dynamic S model, and higher. There is the option of the P200, larger P250, P300 or plug in hybrid P300e for models like the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography or the for the HST, however, this is at a larger cost than the standard model.


The Range Rover Velar differs from this quite a lot. The model range offers many more larger engine options to choose from. That includes two petrol engines, the P250 and P400, as well as two diesel engines, the D200 and D300, all of which barring the P250 are also mild hybrids. Even on top of all of this too, there is the P400e plug in hybrid option, which is the latest in Land Rover’s engine innovations and provides power and efficiency like no other.



Range Rover Evoque driving through the streets

When exploring the various options that come with the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Evoque, it doesn’t take long to see that there is a significant price gap. That applies to all of the models, configurations, engine choices, and every other variable too, largely down to the simple fact that the Range Rover Velar has many more features, more comforts, has better performance, and is generally the more luxurious vehicle.


With the Range Rover Evoque starting from £32k and the Velar starting at £46k, the differences are quite large. More interesting still, this gap generally spans across the specifications available too.


In the R Dynamic HSE models for example, the Range Rover Velar sits at around the £72k mark, whereas the Range Rover Evoque is around £55k. In this comparison, however, the Range Rover Velar does come with the new P400e engine, rather than the Range Rover Evoque having the P300e.


The Range Rover Velar will have a larger engine in almost every comparison, so it is understandable why these differences occur, on top of the added size and luxury that the Range Rover Velar has to offer alongside this.

Model Range

Range Rover PHEV charging

Almost all of the Land Rover Range Rover range has an extensive list of model and specification options for buyers to explore. From the bold and world-famous standard versions through to the dynamic, X and S ranges and the truly iconic autobiography range, there are numerous possibilities to sway your decision and find your perfect match.

Range Rover Velar Models

  • Velar
  • Velar S
  • Velar Se
  • R-Dynamic S
  • R-Dynamic SE
  • R-Dynamic HSE
  • Velar Edition
  • HST


Range Rover Evoque Models

  • Evoque
  • Evoque S
  • Evoque Edition
  • HST
  • Autobiography


Comparing the two in this category is a really tricky thing to do. Both of these ranges have a wealth of choices to provide to any driver, and to any budget. It should be noted however that only the Range Rover Evoque is able to provide the Autobiography trim, but when compared to the Range Rover Velar’s HST variation, is that enough to close the gap?


Whichever of these titans you choose, you’re always going to be buying into one of the most prestigious vehicle brands in the world and you’ll get to explore the unparalleled experience that Range Rover has to offer. Each of these vehicles offers nothing short of comfort, pleasure and performance like no other. Whether you prefer the more compact Range Rover Evoque or the stunning Range Rover Velar, it’s hard to go far wrong when you make your final decision.


If you still just can’t quite make up your mind, why not book a test drive today and experience first-hand before you order your vehicle?