Jaguar Land Rover Introduces First Vegan Interiors in Collaboration With Ultrafabrics

For the first time ever, Jaguar Land Rover customers can now specify an entirely vegan interior thanks to a partnership with animal-free leather brand Ultrafabrics. The vegan leather will be available in two colours — Ebony in the Standard Range Rover model and Light Cloud with Cinder Grey in the SV Intrepid model. 

Ultrafabrics’ polyurethane-based leather is already used across several industries such as furniture, footwear, apparel, and automotive sectors; this new collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover marks its foray into interiors. 

The material is 30% lighter and generates 25% less CO2 emissions than traditional animal hides, which means it’s perfect for those looking to make more ethical choices in car purchases. Even if you don't want to go completely vegan in your home or office space, consider how this new partnership will allow you to incorporate some sustainable practices into your lifestyle by choosing an environmentally friendly alternative when possible.

If you want to be able to drive your new Land Rover with a fully vegan interior, then Ultrafabrics has the perfect option just waiting for you. The first ever vegan Land Rover was created by Ruskin Design in 2018 and commissioned by a customer who had been unable to find an animal-free vehicle on the market.

“We have been working closely with the Jaguar Land Rover design team’s research and innovation team for almost eight years,” said Perry Hodge, Vice President of Transportation at Ultrafabrics. “In the new models, especially the Range Rover SV, Ultrafabrics has a much larger presence throughout the interior which is the result of our years–long commitment to bringing luxury and innovation to our customers.”

 Volvo and BMW are not the only companies turning to vegan materials; Mercedes-Benz has also announced that it will be using a vegan leather alternative in some of its models. This is great news for people who care about animals, the environment, and their own health. As more car companies make this switch, the availability of vegan interiors will continue to grow. If you’re in the market for a new car, consider choosing one with a vegan interior. It’s good for you, the planet, and the animals.