Land Rover Above and Beyond

The year is 1947. A man sketches the silhouette of a car in the sand of a Welsh beach. That car is the Land Rover. Tough, intrepid, it goes on to change history, mastering all manner of terrain and capturing hearts around the world.

Decades of innovation have taken us Above and Beyond. We’ve navigated uncharted territory with a firm grasp of where we started – the unique marriage of capability and composure, which distinguishes every vehicle bearing the Land Rover badge.

In creating a vehicle that inspired total confidence whatever the terrain, Land Rover ushered in a new generation of adventurers. Their record-breaking expeditions demonstrate that if you’re driving into the unknown, only a Land Rover will do. Journeys into undiscovered territory are always exciting, and the future is no different. Land Rover see innovation as our way of mapping the terrain of tomorrow.

New Land Rover Above and Beyond Commercial Advert 2022

In case you haven't seen it yet, Land Rover has just released a new commercial advert that is sure to excite Land Rover fans everywhere. The new advert, called "Above and Beyond," showcases the incredible capabilities of the Land Rover brand and the New Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover, with Spark44 and Accenture Interactive, have created an all-action campaign for The New Defender. The campaign showcases Defender’s stunning modern design and demonstrates why it’s the most capable Land Rover ever made. The global TV, social, online and print campaign brings to life the fictional island of ‘Above & Beyond’, a wild and rugged land where only Land Rovers exist. Defenders roam free and day-to-day driving situations are treated to the classic Land Rover twist. Traffic lights, car washes, speed cameras and car parks pop up in some very surprising locations, but the highly desirable, all-capable Defender takes them all in its stride.

The video is full of stunning landscapes and thrilling scenes that show the capabilities of their vehicles. From traversing rough terrain to crossing swiftly over water, there's nothing this SUV can't handle. If you're in the market for an adventure vehicle, Land Rover should be your top choice! And if you're looking for an exciting and inspiring glimpse into what the Land Rover brand is all about, be sure to check out this new commercial.

Delve into the land of Above & Beyond, where there's no such thing as ordinary.

The Above and Beyond Collection

Inspired by the durability and capability of the Defender, each item in our collection is designed for adventures. Wherever they take you. 

You may have heard of the Land Rover “Above and Beyond” Pen. Waterproof, freeze-proof, heat-resistant, and tough enough to withstand the force of an all-terrain vehicle driving over it. This was the challenge set for the design team if this pen was to be included in Land Rover’s exclusive Above and Beyond range of merchandise.

With a precision machined T6 aircraft grade aluminium body and hard-anodised coating, this pen has been designed and crafted to mirror the chiselled form and strength of Land Rover’s most durable and capable vehicles. As if the rugged features were not enough, this pen can be used as a break-glass tool should you become trapped inside your Land Rover… Impressive stuff! And with a matching aluminium capsule was also designed to keep the Land Rover Above and Beyond Pen in tip top condition. A rubber insert in the cap provides a snug push fit for the pen so it can stand proud on desktops.

Get your pet as ready for adventure as you are with our collection of durable accessories.

Yep, there is a huge selection of the collection dedicated to your four-legged friend! Including the Land Rover Above and Beyond dog harness which seems to be very popular.

If you would like to purchase any items from the Land Rover Defender Above and Beyond collection, you can get in touch with our Aftersales team.