The Best Land Rover Defender in 2022 (90 vs 110 vs 130)

The Defender Family 90, 110 and 130

The Land Rover Defender is one of the best and most iconic vehicles in British automotive history. From one of the world's leading vehicle brands, Jaguar Land Rover, the Land Rover Defender has been a true titan of the car world in Britain for over 40 years. Now for the first time in 2022, will have 3 different model sizes to choose from.


Each of the three new Land Rover Defender models brings the distinctive and uncompromising character that the car is famous for to the table. This offers drivers an unparalleled driving experience that is incredible both on and off the road alike. Ranging from hybrid EV models adapted to city driving boasting up to 83 miles to the gallon as well as innovative new designs allowing up to 8 passengers comfort like no other model can provide, the Land Rover Defender is truly the pinnacle of what the brand has to offer.


Choosing the best Land Rover Defender for your exact requirements, however, has never been more challenging. While all three of these stunning vehicles offer nothing short of a thrilling and comfortable experience, they do cater to any driver's needs. As a result, need to be looked at in detail to get the best the car can offer your unique needs.


The Defender 130

The Defender 110

The Defender 90

The Different Specifications

The Different Trims

Land Rover Defender 130

Land Rover Defender 130 Model

The Land Rover Defender 130 is the newest addition to the Defender family. This is the largest vehicle in the lineup to date, hosting 3 different engine options, 8 seats as standard, and being the most spacious and luxurious model in the range.

Launched in 2022, it is likely the best Land Rover Defender for those with larger families and those who are often travelling in groups. That's the same whether that be for trips and excursions or hobbies in the wilderness as well as those doing long-distance driving with family and friends. Of course, both rear rows of seats are also able to collapse, offering more space for storage when needed as well as 7 passengers. It provides more space than ever


Land Rover Defender 110

Land Rover Defender 110 Model

The Land Rover Defender 110 is the original Land Rover Defender model size. Of course, with countless innovations and updates since the 1983 launch, the Defender 110 is usually the most highly sought-after model because of its practicality, incredible features, and simply iconic status in the UK and around the world. It has won countless awards over the years for its design and effectiveness, making it a fantastic all-rounder as an SUV/4x4.


The Land Rover defender 110 is likely the best Defender model for those again with fairly busy families or that often travel in groups because of the sheer practicality and versatility of the car. Offering both 5 and 7 seats (or 8 if the centre console is removed) as well as 5 doors unlike the Defender 90, it provides a comfortable journey, easy to drive size and shape, and overall, it's almost definitely the best multipurpose Land Rover Defender in the range.


Land Rover Defender 90

Land Rover Defender 90 Model

The Land Rover Defender 90 is the smallest of the Defender models, but that in no way makes it interfere with its older siblings. The Defender 90 is one of the most practical models for many drivers because of its incredible drivability, agility, and off-roading potential combined. That's all on top of it being dramatically easier to park in tight spaces, generally making it the best Land Rover Defender for mixed-use driving and urban-based use.


The smaller size, lower weight and generally easier to drive features all come together to make this model faster, lighter, and dramatically more economical than any other Land Rover model can offer. This makes the model just as useful for city driving as it is for off-roading and navigating winding stretches or awkward obstructions like trees and boulders, all the while still having 5 comfortable and spacious seats even with just the three doors.


The Best Land Rover Defender Model Spec

Once you have found the best wheelbase for your Land Rover Defender, the next step in your journey is to make sure that you find the best model specification too. While the wheelbase does of course provide a dramatic influence on the specification your model has, there is much more to the finished product than just the size and shape.


Generally, the model specification for Land Rover Defenders falls into five categories. This is without the trim, which Land Rover classes differently, and without the special editions which also exist like the First Edition or V8 Carpathian.



Standard Land Rover Defender

The standard model specification for the Defender is likely the best way to get a land rover defender at the lowest cost. It generally results in an end product around the £45,000 mark depending on the retailer. As standard, that includes many of the features that make the Defender so great, including things like the impressive LED lighting, 3D cameras, infotainment system, and much more. It's far from basic.


Defender X

Land Rover Defender X

The Defender X variation is essentially the top of the like spec for the Defender model. It has everything from every trim as well as an unmistakably sleek and unique colour scheme on the exterior providing an unmissable aesthetic. For around £35,000 more than the base model, you gain the very best of what the Defender has to offer, from the HSE trim benefits through to a panoramic roof, the pinnacle of onboard tech and driving augmentations, ventilated seats, extended leather throughout, and ultimately an incredible vehicle made even better.

X Dynamic

Land Rover Defender X Dynamic

Launched in 2021, the Land Rover Defender now also comes with a midway point between the X and the standard models. This is the X-Dynamic model. Introducing many of the cosmetic upgrades, interior additions, and costing just under £10,000 extra, it is an excellent tribute to the Defender X.

Defender XS

Land Rover Defender XS Model

The Land Rover Defender XS is another of the latest model variations available to the range, bringing in most aspects of the HSE again but without all the extras that come with the X itself. The XS is mostly recognisable by the exterior body colour now spanning the entire car including the lower cladding (previously black plastic), as well as offering climate control, heated steering wheel, premium lighting, and various other luxuries that make that car even more enjoyable to experience. It takes many of the most popular features from the X and X Dynamic and combines them into a selection of the very best of the Land Rover Defender variations.


Land Rover Defender V8

Another more recent addition to the Defender lineup comes from the V8 edition of the Defender. Available for both the 110 and the 90 Defender models, the V8 is the Defender's most luxurious and bold family member yet. Bringing in a new engine, the 525 BHP P525 adds more power than ever before, with an acceleration of 0-60 bring under 5 seconds, a top speed of 150mph, and all the luxury you could expect in the other model variants. With an even more luxurious V8 Carpathian edition offering more than any Defender has done before, the V8s are truly extraordinary.


The Best Land Rover Defender Trim

Choosing the best Land Rover Defender model is also often subject to the trim that you choose to go along with it. Varying the materials that are used, the aesthetic options you're presented with and the interior luxuries and technologies too that are more specific than the model variations, the trims can really elevate the Defender you choose to a whole new level of excellence.


Land Rover Defender S

Land Rover Defender S Trim

The Land Rover Defender S has mostly the same features as the standard Defender does, however, there are some simple additions. They include the alloy wheel improvements, additional features to the Pivi pro console, an improved centre console in between the front seats, automatic fog lights, increased seat adjustment options, and a few other minor details too. This comes in at around £2,000 additional, which is extremely hard to argue with.


Land Rover Defender SE

Land Rover Defender SE Trim

The Defender SE takes the S to the next level. This trim is normally found with the larger engine options and offers again improved seating options, console adjustments, and more. More notably, however, it also adds even further desire to the alloys, callipers, LED and always-on lighting, 10 speaker 400W sound system, material, and colours available, and even more still, all for around £4,000 extra.


Land Rover Defender HSE

Land Rover Defender HSE Trim

Finally, the HSE is the best trim level possible for the Land Rover Defender and is what is used largely in the Defender X. The HSE gives memory setups to seats and mirror positioning, memory foam, seat ventilation, Gloss Dark Grey wheels, the panoramic roof, and multiple options for the interior leather use and style. This all comes in at around £8500. 

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